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Gravity Yoga Trapeze
Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

Gravity Yoga Trapeze

With Lori Capra

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Trapeze yoga is a flow of postures supported by a fabric swing with handles at three different heights. Some postures are performed entirely in the trapeze while others are performed with one or two feet on the ground, on hands and knees, or lying on the ground. 
While full inversion is not required to enjoy the benefits of this practice, there are opportunities to do so for those who are curious and comfortable. The trapeze is not high off the ground, so anyone with a fear of heights doesn’t need to worry!

Each 50-minute trapeze yoga flow includes time for breathwork at the beginning and savasana at the end. Lori leads every class with demonstrations and dialogue. 


Classes are generally quiet and meditative, but the atmosphere is light. Students are supportive and encouraging of one another and Lori fosters a fun community vibe. 


All ages and experience levels are welcome in every class and students are encouraged to work within their own limits. Stay curious but stay safe!

Trapeze yoga builds strength and flexibility in the entire body. The nature of the body’s interaction with the trapeze puts special emphasis on core muscles, arm muscles, and grip strength.

Students with stubborn back pain or chronic hip and shoulder issues find therapeutic relief with trapeze yoga.
Anyone ready to invert will experience the blissful release of hanging with the head below the heart. Relax into gravity – your spine will thank you!

Lori Capra is a Certified Yoga Instructor & Certified Yoga Trapeze Trainer. Lori has been doing yoga since she was 16. (now 55!) At the age of 20 Lori trained to become a Carpenter and then ran her own construction company for over 30 years, on the East Coast and here in Olympia WA. 

Around 15 years ago Lori discovered and began Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Yoga on the SUP! Lori has been instructing floor yoga and SUP Yoga for over 12 years at various school settings, gyms and the 8th ave Outdoor Yoga Garden.

 In 2017 she opened Gravity Yoga LLC. The first studio dedicated to Yoga Trapeze or Aerial Yoga here in the South Sound. 3 successful years passed, thousands of people were introduced to Yoga Trapeze, a new and exciting addition to the Yoga family.  

Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

With Emily Johnson

A 75 minute flow class, Saturdays 10:45am – noon, that will begin with a centering practice, incorporate movement that builds heat in the body, and explore a wide range of postures with an emphasis on alignment and yogic principles. Variations will be offered with the goal of empowering the practioner to feel at ease in, and invigorated by their own unique expression of the practice. 
I began teaching yoga in 2004, after having shifted from studying dance to yoga in 1996. An asana practice feels something like dancing to me in the way it flows from one pose to the next. I found that when you really listen to your body, there’s wisdom there, right where it’s always been. The best thing about yoga, without a doubt, is that there’s always something to learn! I’ve completed two teacher trainings to attain a 500hr certification, as well as a nine month Anusara Intensive, and there will be more to come.

During my evolution as a yoga practitioner I’ve gotten to study Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Anusara, Yin, and Hatha yoga. As an Instructor, I try to celebrate all of us being exactly where we each need to be in our practice, respecting the process and choosing the journey over the destination. It’s definitely within the sangha/yoga community that we challenge, inspire, and support one another with a foundational understanding that we’re all made of the same stuff. Yoga is like coming home. 

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