Michael Donaldson, LMP

Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Relaxation 

Michael-150x150Michael graduated from Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in 2002.  His treatments are tailored to your desired focus and individual needs.  He relies on your feedback and the feel of your tissue to find the best pressure.  He uses techniques from a variety of modalities including Myofascial release, Swedish, deep tissue and pin and stretch techniques.  His goal is to improve your range of motion and muscular balance, to reduce stress, and promote your overall relaxation after each visit.

Michael’s rates are $45 for a 30 minute visit, $80 for 60 minutes, and $110 for 90 minutes.

Michael accepts Regence Blue Shield and is always eager to take on new clients!  You may contact Michael for appointments via email at michaelsmassagetherapy@gmail.com, call him at 360-402-3104 or make an appointment through the button below.

Stephanie Cederholm, LMP

Massage Practitioner

Stephanie Cederholm, owner of Balanced Body, has been practicing massage for over twenty years.  She is a graduate of Body Mechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in Olympia, Washington.  She is gifted in many modalities including medical and injury treatment, pin and stretch, the Stuart Taws methodology, TMJ, intraoral work, as well as relaxation massage.

Stephanie’s goal for her clients is to increase balance and relaxation.  Each of her massage appointments are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.  Through Stephanie’s experience and intuitive nature, she is able to listen to what the body needs and deliver results that keep her clients coming back for more.

Stephanie’s rates $45 for a 30 minute visit, $80 for 60 minutes, and $110 for 90 minutes.

You may contact Stephanie for appointments via email at  balancedbodysc@gmail.com, call her at 360-280-1764 or make an appointment through the button below.

Alison Hannukaine, LMP

Orthopedic Massage Therapist

Alison Hannukaine has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Olympia since 2002.  Specializing in Orthopedic Massage Therapy, Myofascial Balancing, and Trigger Point Therapy, Alison is able to aid in the treatment of injuries — old and new.  Her intuitive style of bodywork and unique combination of treatment techniques are consistently effective for treating injuries, restoring balance, and correcting posture.  A massage with Alison will rejuvenate your body and create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Alison’s rates are $45 for a 30 minute visit, $80 for 60 minutes, and $110 for 90 minutes, with a special $15 discount for your first appointment with her at Fusion! She also offers package specials and is currently accepting new patients. 

You may contact Alison for appointments via email at  hannukaine@hotmail.com or call her at 360-451-1528.

Ruth Kim Ann Moss

Full Circle Bowenwork

Ruth is a veteran massage therapist who specializes in chronic pain and nervous system disorders.  In addition to traditional massage, Ruth practices Bowenwork, a remarkably effective therapy originating in Australia.  Bowenwork can accelerate the healing process, release new and longstanding traumas, and unravel complex health issues. 

You can contact her via email at fullcirclebowenwork@gmail.com or call her at 360-915-9875 to schedule an appointment or learn more about this unique therapy.