Sound Healing Workshop

September 22, 2023   6:30-8:30pm

Awaken the Chakras with Sound Healing

In this deeply nourishing workshop you will experience breath work, a guided chakra meditation, intention setting, chakra balancing, an individual zapphir chime attunement and a soothing crystal singing bowl concert. 

I hold sacred space and create a relaxing sound bath with crystal quartz singing bowls, bells, planetary chimes, tingshas, a rose quartz alchemy bowl, zaphir chimes, handheld crystal bowls and other soothing percussive instruments while lying on the spine or seated in a chair.

The chakra system of the body will be aligned with specific vibration of sound as well as bija seed sounds to offer deeper grounding. The powerful resonance and vibration of the singing bowls and chimes offer a holistic affect and help you to re-connect with the body’s natural frequencies, encouraging balance and promoting inner harmony in your entire being. 

I am offering this workshop on a sliding scale. Some folks may want to contribute more and others will pay the General Admission of $35.00. Each person is welcome to pay on the scale $35-50. Come give your body, mind and spirit a gift and enjoy the opportunity to relax, receive, restore & release. All levels welcome. No experience necessary.

After a sound healing treatment most people report a feeling of deep relaxation and an improvement in the function of mind and body. Structural imbalances in the body will often correct themselves during the sound treatment.

All levels welcome. No experience necessary.

Melodic Meditations with Sol

September 24, 2023   3:00-4:00pm

Join us for an intentional hour of Melodic Meditations at Fusion! Immerse yourself in a bath of healing vibrations that will transport you to a state of tranquility and inner peace.

Experience the power of sound bath therapy as it intertwines with mindful practices, creating a space for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, and grounding. Find your peace, balance, and harmony in the present moment as Sol guides you through a journey of harmonious melodies, guided meditations and intentional breathing.

No prior experience is required, and all are welcome to join this in-person event. So, bring your friends and loved ones to share this blissful experience together.

Things you may need/need to know:

1. Yoga mat, meditation pillow, bolster, or something to sit/lay down on the floor comfortably with

2. Eye covers

3. WATER (Please hydrate before, during, and after)

4. Please do not eat a heavy meal prior to event

5. Please do not wear or bring items that have heavy scents or detergents

Fusion has some pillows to use for folx who may not have their own. If you do have your own, please bring your own.

6. This is a by us, for us safe space event for all folx! BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ highly encouraged to attend!!

Escape the chaos of everyday life and discover inner harmony at Melodic Meditations @ Fusion. Reserve your spot now and embark on a transformative musical journey!

Discount for BIPOC and economic hardships, please pay full price if you are not BIPOC or experiencing economic hardship.

For more information & tickets: Melodic Meditations