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“… the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” – Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a form of movement to balance the body, strengthen the core muscles and improve flexibility. At Fusion Physical Therapy and Pilates, we encourage an awareness of breath and fluid movement. All our instructors have completed thorough teacher training programs and update their techniques through continuing education classes. Our studio is recognized by the  Pilates Method Alliance.

Pilates Instructors: Santee Brewster and Liz Packard

Santee Brewster began teaching Pilates in 1999. She received her training through the Physical Mind Institute in Seattle, and has taught in Bellingham, Tacoma and Olympia. Santee is a strong and engaging teacher, and develops long-time students in both her private and mat classes. Santee has a history of severe low back pain which eventually involved surgery, and this experience has served to broaden her sensitivity and knowledge base in working with the injured client.  To inquire about Pilates or to book an appointment, contact Santee @




Liz Packard received her training through Balance Within Movement Studio in Redmond, WA, and the Pilates Center of Boulder, Co. Liz has a unique eye for movement; she is often able to identify a client’s areas of weakness or tension when first greeting them, or watching them enter the room. Liz has a wonderful ability to teach the fundamental principles of Pilates through a gentle hands-on approach. A thorough knowledge of the basic principles enhances the client’s ability to progress to more advanced levels of Pilates safely.  To inquire about Pilates or to book an appointment, contact Liz @

Pilates Mat Class Schedule

Tuesday          12pm – 1pm          level 3-4       with Liz Packard

Thursday        12pm – 1pm           level 1-2       with Santee Brewster

Pilates Pricing

The following prices do not include tax.

Pilates Apparatus:

  • Intro package of 4 private sessions ……. ($248)
  • 1 Private session ….. ($75)
  • 4 Private sessions ….. ($272)
  • 8 Private sessions …..($520)
  • 1 Duet session …..($38)
  • 4 Duet sessions …..($152)
  • 1 Trio session….. ($32)
  • 4 Trio sessions …..($128)
  • 1/2 hour Private session ….. ($35)

Pilates Mat Classes:

  • Intro package of 4 class & 2 private sessions ….. ($168)
  • 1 mat class (drop-in) ….. ($15)
  • 4 mat classes (package) ….. ($50)
  • 8 mat classes (package) ….. ($88)

TRX Suspension Training:

  • Intro package of 3 private sessions ….. ($165)
  • 4 privates sessions ….. ($240)
  • 4 – 1/2 hour private sessions ….. ($140)

Custom Packages are Available